Shape Memory Implant

To Fit All Shapes

Simple. Transformable. Biodegradable.

OSSPOLY is a novel biomaterials with unique properties developed under years of university research.


Osspoly – Smart Bone Implant

Osspoly’s technology and shape memory polymer foam can be licensed to any manufacturers. On the other hand, we also tailor made shape memory polymer for use in surgery. Please feel free to contact

Who Are We

OSSPOLY is formed from a group of scientists and entrepreneurs with supports from the university, the government and the industry. We aim to commericalize a novel biomaterial – OSSPOLY developed from cutting-edge material science. 

(Shape Memory Polymer) 

Integrate with Bone

OSSPOLY SMP can integrate with bone seamlessly after surgery and can speed up healing.





Squeeze into tiny size under low temp for minimal invasive approach, return to 100% full size at body temp.


Provide instant support with sufficient physical strength, resorb later under controlled profile.


Seamless integration with natural bone. Grow together and then disappear leaving behind natural bone.

Simple & Creative

Easy to handle, simplify procedures. Unleash creativity and flexibility for previously impossible surgery. 

We treasure collaboration with scientists, industry partners and investors. OSSPOLY is going to launch our first animal product and preparing for ISO 13485 which is the essential for clinical trial and human medical product registration. Feel free to contact us and support us.

Workshop D35, 4/F,

Wah Lok Industrial Centre (Phase II),

No. 31-35 Shan Mei Street,

Shatin, NT, Hong Kong